Coffee Wedding Favors (Silver)

Personalized coffee presents an idea that's right in step with today's trends and current consumer tastes. Plus, they’re something wedding guests most certainly will use and enjoy after the wedding! 
Completely customize a design that suites your style and showcases your personality for a fantastic gourmet favor by emailing your complete design (3" x 4" 300 DPI or higher .PDF) to  Full of our Gourmet House Blend coffee, each silver pot pack (4.5"w x 6"h) is pre-measured to make one perfect pot of coffee (8-10 cups). Easy assembly with self-adhesive labels that ship separately at no extra charge.

Coffee Wedding Favors (Silver)

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    Light  -     -    ■     -     -    Dark


    Slight undertones of caramel and chocolate and smooth finish.

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