Happy Hour Sampler
This boxed set contains (4) 1/2 LB. bags of your favorite adult beverage flavored coffees including:
	Mudslide Flavored Coffee**
	Jamaican Rum Flavored Coffee**
	White Russian Flavored Coffee
	Grand Mariner Flavored Coffee**

**Exclusive flavors not available for individual purchase**
Enjoy the sweet, heady flavors of Irish cream, coffee liqueur, and chocolate in our decadent Mudslide flavored coffee. Our Jamaican Rum flavored coffee exhibits the pungent aromas of fermented banana, and orange peel intertwined with the sweet flavor of dark molasses for a distinctive flavor of the Caribbean. Rich flavors of cream mix with the sweetness of coffee liqueur for our White Russian flavored coffee. Finally, our Grand Marnier flavored coffee is infused with the decadent flavor of the eponymous orange-infused cognac, delivering a relaxing brew to kick off your evening.

Happy Hour Sampler

Coffee Grind
Bag Size

    Light  -     -    ■     -     -    Dark


    Refer to individual flavored coffees for descriptions.

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