Monthly Perk

Each Month you'll receive 2 oz. packs of freshly ground regular coffee or 2oz. pouches of loose leaf tea in the flavor of the month delivered right to your doorstep!  Each pot pack will brew a standard 8-12 cup pot of coffee.  Each 2 oz. pouch will steep 12-24 cups of tea.  Save one for yourself and gift the rest- or drink them all!  Each subscription includes a coupon off your next purchase of 1 LB. of coffee (or 2 half pound bags of tea) in any flavor.  Orders placed on or before the 23rd of the month will receive THIS month's flavor and re-bill on the 1st of the following month.  Orders placed after 23rd will receive NEXT month's flavor.  (Wholesale Representatives will bill/ship on the 15th of each month and receive the following month's flavor in advance.)  Shipping is included - Cancel at anytime. 

Monthly Perk


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    Its a mystery, but delicious.

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