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Baked Alaska is May's Coffee Flavor of the Month

Baked Alaska Flavored Coffee

Introducing our new Baked Alaska flavored coffee. Next We have combined the unique flavors of the famous Baked Alaska dessert and added a little twist. This unique dessert is made in so many different ways, but our Baked Alaska flavored coffee is a secret recipe that is even more delicious than the flavorful dessert. Savor the rich flavors of milk chocolate and white chocolate mousse with a touch of slightly tart and sweet raspberries combined with 100% Arabica bean coffee. We are also excited to announce our NEW Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Tea . Refreshing, rejuvenating, and simply delicious, Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose green tea is a wonderful import from Japan. The cherry flavoring complements the grassy taste of the tea, giving it a very green and natural flavor. Let the tea linger on your taste buds and you'll notice even more of the amazing cherry flavor. To enhance your tea experience we also offer Mini Minute Filters (40ct) or mesh Tea Ball infuser. For the entire month of May the Coffee and Tea are BOTH ON SALE!

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