Cold Brew Beard Oil

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All Vegan; Cruelty-free; Gluten, paraben, sulfate & silicone free.
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  • Hydrates and softens rough facial hair
  • Grooms untamed hair for a silky feel
  • Promotes healthy hair shine

Perk-up facial hair with the scent of real Arabica beans. This coffee-scented beard oil quenches and softens even the roughest beards. Easily groom and nourish your beard in your morning or evening routine.

Our natural Cold Brew Beard Oil benefits the hair with many conditioning properties derived from argan, apricot and crambe abyssinica seeds and kernels.

Promote the appearance of shiny, thicker and smoother hair by nourishing coarse facial hair and preventing scalp dryness. Your beard will grow to look healthy, strong and full. Herbs: Argan, Avocado, Apricot, Coffee, Tonka, Shea, Primrose. Contains real coffee beans!

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