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New Direct Sales Coffee Biz in the house!

Valentine's Day seemed like the right day to start a new business. Especially one that features a product I LOVE (and cannot live without), and whose logo is a kiss print. Perfect. I've worked other direct sales companies and did not really thrive as the whole "party scene" was just not my thing. The time it took to describe and sample all of the products I found exhausting. But coffee. I could drink coffee ALL day. Literally. I can have a cup at 10 pm and crash in bed at 10:15, no issue (thank God)! Coffee is a deep seeded love and necessity for many and I wanted to bring the very best tasting, reasonably priced, gourmet coffee to their door step. And here we are. In the early planning stages of the business I struggled with how to use my love of coffee to make a difference. You can pick up a cup (of some not-so-great-tasting) coffee at about any gas station for a buck. Then it hit me. Maybe YOU can, but NOT everyone is fortunate enough to have a spare dollar in their pocket. Did you know the one thing that almost every homeless shelter and food kitchen across the country is always asking for? Coffee. That's it. Many people just down on their luck or deep in the throws of addiction would give anything for just a good, hot cup of coffee. And why should they be stuck drinking the not-so-great-tasting coffee from the local gas station? They shouldn't. A cup of coffee shared with another soul, friend, soup kitchen volunteer or pastor could start a conversation that could alter the course of their lives! And, if not- they still have a great tasting cup 'o joe in their bellies to help them get through another cold night on the streets. For every bag of coffee purchased, we will donate two cups of fresh coffee to be served to the homeless at the local soup kitchen here in Springfield, Ohio. Because, let's face it- a great cup of coffee is simply a big warm hug for your brain. And heart.



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