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Marshmallow Chicks is April's Coffee Flavor of the Month

Peeps are ALWAYS appropriate- even in your morning coffee. Introducing our new Marshmallow Chicks flavored coffee. This flavor is a light and airy treat that's sure to make you think of blossoming trees and singing birds. You won't save this gourmet delicious coffee for dessert; you'll want it first thing in the morning! With the hints of marshmallows adding a sweet body, Marshmallow Chicks Flavored Coffee will become your favorite little treat! We are also excited to announce our NEW White Tea. Our Chinese White Pekoe tea comes from a small 2-acre farm in the Fujian Province of China. It is in this mountainous region at approximately 3,500 feet that the peaceful tea gardens cultivate this delicious tea. Every late March, the gardens produce perfect light-green and white tea leaves. The resulting product is a Pekoe tea that delivers a brilliant flavor. Specialty Tea only available in 8 oz. size. To enhance your tea experience we also offer Mini Minute Filters (40ct) or mesh Tea Ball infuser. For the entire month of April the Coffee and Tea are BOTH ON SALE!

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