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Summer Blend is July's Coffee Flavor of the Month

Summer's favorite blend Summer Blend is on SALE! Our signature Summer Blend combines Central and South American Arabica beans that have been small-batch roasted to a medium state. The qualities of the Brazilian Santos in this blend offer a great aroma and a lingering finish, making it a coffee that should be savored from beginning to end, with long pauses between sips. We are also excited to announce our NEW Iced Tea Blend. Taste the difference that authentic loose-leaf tea makes. Our Iced Tea is a delicious blend of loose-leaf black tea that surpasses the flavors of the traditional store-bought teas. Whether you need an iced tea to cool you during the summer, or you would simply like to enjoy a steaming cup year-round, this is the classic iced tea blend for you. Brew the Iced Tea Blend using a French Press or teapot designed for loose-leaf teas. Delight in the beauty of the tea as it unfurls, and enjoy the smooth and luxurious flavor of an excellent beverage that will treat you to a little indulgence. To enhance your tea experience we also offer Mini Minute Filters (40ct) or mesh Tea Ball infuser. For the entire month of July the Coffee and Tea are BOTH ON SALE!

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