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Join in January JUST $49!

Money a little tight after the holidays? You can still get this delicious starter kit complete with (4) half pound bags of our gourmet coffees and more this month ONLY for HALF PRICE! Coffee is commodity that many, many people enjoy on a daily basis. If you enjoy a great cup of gourmet coffee and find the idea of drinking coffee and chatting for a living intriguing, then this may be the perfect opportunity for you! At just $49, there is minimal investment, yet endless opportunities. There are no sales quotas to meet each month- simply place a single order (even just ONE bag) through the back office in a 3 month period for your discount to remain active. Earn a profit with your very first order, on the very first dollar, the instant you submit the order. No need to wait on a monthly commission check. Additional downline bonuses, up to 2 levels deep, are paid out monthly based on your rank. This very limited offer is only available while supplies last! Come grow with us! To learn more about the Medium Starter Kit Click Here. The Deluxe Starter Kit is also available with double the value of goodies included for $99 plus s/h.


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